Being a member of a trade union can bring vital benefits – because you are no longer alone. You have an immediate support network when work becomes a problem – whether that is pay, bulling, harassment, workload. Isolation can lead to everything being harder to take, unions break that isolation down.

When there are many members in one place this support becomes even stronger. If the union is recognised by management there will procedures to deal with day to day problems and a recognised person there to speak for you, on your side, not `neutral` like HR.

Unions train health and safety reps – the result is that unionised workplaces are not as dangerous. They have legal departments to support your claims if the worst happens.

Unions are not just about grand statements of good policy, they are about day to day support. You can join without your employer knowing so that confidential support can be given.

Unions have successful fought for many steps forward in the past, they can continue this work wherever there are members. From limits on the length of the working day and paid holidays, to equality and safety, the laws we have today exist because we campaigned.

Unions know that when we act together we can`t be pushed around so easily – join us for yourself and for the wider working community.

Join Us – join the fight for better working conditions.