May Day 2019 – What’s going on?

Friday 3rd May

Reflections on local elections and music

Saturday 4th May

Salford TUC march – Assemble 13.00 at Bexley Square.

Sunday 5th May

Assemble at All Saints Park
March to the Mechanics Institute, birthplace of the TUC
May Day rally with speakers including Clara Paillard, PCS and Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary
Lots of stalls, bar, tea and coffee
Events at 13.00, 14.15 and 15.30, a choice of four each hour on the following themes. Move around or stay in one room for the whole day.
A Better World is Possible
The one about what’s wrong in our society and how we want it to be instead.
People’s Assembly – Broken Britain films and discussion
Fighting Against War – panel discussion Education for Everyone – NEU workshop
Organising to Win
The one about being a union rep or community organiser.
Approaches to Organising
Strategic sectors and solidarity.
Organising skills workshop.
Empowering Ourselves
The one about sorting things out for ourselves.
Empowerment at work. Thompson’s solicitors discuss our rights.
The Future of Our Movement – Young workers discussing the future with North West Unison
Winning for our Class – what we can learn from Justice Campaigns. Panel and discussion.
Transforming The World
The one about international solidarity.
Fighting Racism and the Far Right – panel discussion with North West Unison and guests.
Protecting Our World – how can we save our planet before it’s too late. Panel and discussion
Our Place in the World – North West Unison international rally with inspiring speakers from around the world.
17.00 onwards.
Join us in the bar for more discussion.

All weekend

The Working Class Movement Library is hosting performances of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. More details here.

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